Any accident in your RV can
be potentially devastating.

So make sure it never happens to you...

With the ‘RV Pro Safety Guide
 Professional Safety Expertise for RV Drivers


***Deluxe Edition***

Extended & Improved
(Plus Illustrations & Video)
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rv Safety Guide

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    You'll learn how to:

    • Increase protection for your cargo & passengers
    • Boost your RV’s handling and performance
    • Get improved fuel economy
    • Enhance your driving ability
    • Save valuable time & money
    • Expand your RV expertise
    • Develop a higher degree of faith in your vehicle
    • Enjoy your vacation more
    • Avoid tickets and financial penalties


Knowledge is power. Use it to protect yourself,
your vehicle, and your loved ones.


It is estimated that over 80% of RV accidents could be avoided if some essential safeguards and driving techniques were followed, yet it's surprising how many drivers are willing to take the risk and head out unprepared. Please don't be one of them!

Our exclusive illustrated guide covers everything you need to know to improve your vehicle's safety along with your driving ability and confidence. Valid for all RVs, 5th wheels, and trailers.

Common RV accidents:

Fire (electrical & gas)                    Collision
Burst pipes                                    Loss of steering control
Tire blowout                                  Clearance damage
Brake failure                                 Jack-knifing

We'll show you how to easily prevent these accidents, as well as many others, and avoid the heavy fines imposed if you're caught with an unsafe vehicle. So why chance it?


Each chapter is loaded with content,
containing a bounty of feature rich pages.


  Including illustrations & video...


You'll also learn:

  • The 15 best ways to save fuel
  • The top 10 tips for safe mountain driving
  • 12 ways to make your tires last much longer
  • 18 essential towing tips



And SO much more...



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Bonus 1
Additional chapters


A wealth of extra information which will reveal:

  • 10 crucial fire safety checks
  • The 13 most common causes of RV fire
  • How to make sure an RV fire never starts
  • Which fire extinguishers NOT to use
  • 8 vital preparations for winter storing your RV
  • 10 solutions to using your RV in winter safely
  • Essential checklists for a trouble free journey
Including illustrations & video...



Bonus 2
Advanced Driving Tutorials


  • Advanced RV Driving
    Important practices & the 8 hottest professional techniques

  • Advanced 5th Wheel Driving
    Vital specialist advice & the 7 top reversing tips

  • Advanced Night Driving
    How to drive properly in the dark, and the 10 critical things
    to know about your lights

  • Professional advice
    30 essential driving tips that can save your life

Including illustrations & video...



Bonus 3
Safety Resource Center

Our private vault of RV specialist knowledge

This vast library of valuable tools will ensure you maintain the highest levels of safety on your travels. Developed over several years, you will get complete access without restriction.

Just a few of the various things you'll find:

  • Lightning safety for RVs
  • Dump Station locations
  • RV fridge fire prevention
  • Propane safety for RVs
  • Top RV accessories
  • Highway Condition information
  • RV Service reviews
  • Thunderstorm safety precautions
  • Little known towed brake regulations
  • Weigh Scale locations
  • How to protect your water pipes correctly



First-class information, and easy to follow.

Essential for all RV, 5th Wheel, and trailer owners
regardless of age or experience.

So don't miss out...


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So to summarize, you will get...

  • The 'RV Pro Safety Guide' (Deluxe Edition).
  • Bonus 1 (Additional chapters).
  • Bonus 2 (Advanced Driving Tutorials).
  • Bonus 3 (Access to our Safety Resource Center).



There is simply no substitute for being this prepared.


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